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Thursday, March 7, 2013

California Probate Court Consolidation Update #2


 (Click here for the latest update as of March 21, 2013)

The moving vans have done their work but so far it is just the San Pedro courtroom of Judge Paul that has moved to Los Angeles Central.  Until further notice, Long Beach Probate and related matters will continue to be heard in Dept. 4 of the Long Beach court.  Watch for further updates.

Hearings which were transferred to the San Pedro courtroom will now be back in Dept. 4, Long Beach, without further notice.  No further Probate hearings or trials will be held in San Pedro.

Judge Paul is now in Central to be assigned to a Probate Court at a future date. Official notices will be forthcoming.

In the past, if you had a filing that you particularly wanted Judge Paul to see prior to a hearing, you would file it and see that it got to the Probate Attorney, but, in addition, you would deliver a courtesy copy to the drop box outside of D 83C in San Pedro.  We will advise as to whether a similar procedure will be available.  There is no provision for this at this time.

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