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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Notice to Attorneys - Probate Division Makes Changes at Stanley Mosk Courthouse

You should all read the announcement below (or click here for link to the Los Angeles Superior Court’s website) of the new assignments in the Probate Court. 

Judge Levanas is now the Supervising Judge.  He and Judge Goetz have been in Probate for quite some time.  Judge Murphy also has been in Probate for some time and came from the Norwalk court.  Judge Cowen was in D 29 with Judge Paul.  Otherwise he is new to probate.  Judges Beckloff and Paul, as I reported in December, have moved out of Probate.

Today I was in D 29 for a hearing in front of Judge Cunningham.  It was his first day they said.  He is new to probate.  He is very gentlemanly and soft spoken.  Let him talk.  It is easy to do but do not talk over him.  He appears to be a hard worker but realize there will be a learning curve. 

I am not familiar with Judge Stratton.  If you have insight into any of the judges that you wish to share, please forward them to me.  Use good taste in any comments.  Try to be helpful for those who have not yet been in front of these judicial officers.  Be prepared. 

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Announcement from Los Angeles Superior Court’s website (or Click Here)

Beginning Feb. 3, 2014, the following assignments will take effect at the Probate Division, Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles 90012. 

Department 5
Calendar:    Judge Maria E. Stratton
Trials:            Judge Michael I. Levanas, Supervising Judge of Probate

Department 9
Calendar:       Commissioner David J. Cowan
Trials:             Judge Reva G. Goetz

Department 11
Calendar:      Judge Lesley C. Green
Trials:             Judge James A. Steele

Department 29
Calendar:       Judge David S. Cunningham
Trials:             Judge Daniel S. Murphy

Department 99
Settlement:   Judge Marvin M. Lager

Additionally, beginning on Feb. 3, 2014, all new settings of Public Guardian Petitions will be set in Department 5 and all new settings of Petitions to Approve Minor’s Compromise cases will be set in Department 11.

Expedited Petitions to Approve Compromise of a Disputed Claim will continue to be set in Department 5.  Existing Public Guardian and Minor’s Compromise matters will remain in their currently assigned department.

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